Origin of 12-26-52
For years, lots of numbers have been thrown around in pop culture about the “measurements of a perfect woman”: 34-26-34 or 36-24-36 or the like. But these external measurements do little to either describe or advance the truest beauty of women, and that beauty comes from living lives that please God and look more and more like that of His Son, Jesus.

Recently I was thrown into despair about the state of some things in my life. So, I did what lots of Christians do – I was strong and leaned on the Lord…at first. Then, I ate too much too often. I succumbed to lies about being rejected or unworthy. I worked extra hard at my job. I slept later and later but still woke up tired. After a few weeks of this, I knew it was neither a sustainable nor righteous lifestyle. Something had to change. (And I knew exchanging my entire wardrobe for a few sizes up – thanks to all those DQ Blizzards I’d been scarfing – was not the best option!)

One Sunday morning, I flipped back to one of my favorite biblical passages: Romans 12. I am a practical, down-to-business person, and this chapter offers some concrete attitudes and behaviors that godly Christians possess and display. Studying, I noticed that the Apostle Paul offers nearly 26 practices for godly living. *Light bulb* Pause for stream of consciousness:

26 x 2 = 52, and there are 52 weeks in a year, so I could study and practice each of these truths for two weeks, and in one year, I will have lived out (for better or worse) the entire chapter of Romans 12. Those are the balanced “measurements” of a Christian living a God-pleasing life in community: 26 (truths from) Romans 12 (for) 52 (weeks). Yes! 26-12-52.

So, that’s the origin of this new journey on which I’m embarking. I expect God to do great things through this, and I would love for you to join me on this trek to look more like Jesus Christ as individuals and as His bride, the Church.


One thought on “Origin

  1. wow Erin! Sounds like a great adventure the Father has you on! You are going to be so lovely inside and out even more than you already are! Gay

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