How Do I Participate?

We’re so glad you’re seeking to join us on this transformation trip! Participating and interacting with others via this blog, phone calls, texts, emails, and face-to-face encounters will certainly help you to gain the richest, deepest experience. Learning and growing (and failing) together is what God has in mind for His Kingdom.

Use these guidelines to gain the richest experience from the 26_12_52 study:

1. Read Romans 12 weekly (or as often as you like), asking the Holy Spirit to guide you into deeper understanding. Familiarity with the text is essential, and calling specific verses to mind will be a key ingredient to seeing your life look more like Jesus’.

2. Follow the Weekly Schedule to keep up with the community study. You are welcome to go at your own pace, but try to enlist some “helpers” who can keep you accountable to studying and discussing what you’re learning, having difficulty with, etc. Even better, have them join you on the journey! 🙂

3. Comment on the Weekly Posts to let others know about the things you’re learning as an individual and as a member of your local church. Be sure to let us know who you are and if you would like your information posted on our community members page.


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