12-26-52 Format
The format for study will look something similar to this, but God is free to work and change it in any way that best pleases Him:

I. Saturdays and Sundays will be “New Truth Days” and will be used primarily for reading, study, and research. Most of us have j-o-b-s, and heavy study is not ideal nor optional during the busy work week. The weekend offers time to read – and re-read – Romans 12 (the entire chapter) and to use commentaries, sermons, online articles, and mostly the Holy Spirit to guide us into Truth about what Paul and God mean by the particular truth being studied. This research and guidance will enable us to properly practice the truth for the next two weeks.

II. Week days will be “Training Days,” and this is the time when we will apply and live out the truth we’re studying, as well as those we’ve studied previously. God will certainly bring situations, people, and circumstances into each of our lives to train us and help us practice these truths. Being aware of how He is doing this will help motivate us and train us in strategy. Knowing He is doing it to transform us into His image with ever-increasing glory (2 Corinthians 3:18) gives us the confidence we need to persevere when those situations, people, and circumstances are difficult!

III. Using this 26-12-52 blog is essential for mutual encouragement and knowledge. I will post weekly about which Truth we’re on, and I want you to post what you see God doing in your life. Be honest about the successes and failures you have. Failures and defeats are as important – perhaps even more important – for our growth than the numerous victories I’m certain God will bring us through this.

These truths are not limited to ladies. God wants all to be transformed by the Truth of His Word. So, men, join us and let’s work on gaining and maintaining the “ideal measurements” of a balanced and healthy Christian life: 12-26-52. May the adventure begin!


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