26_12_52 Intro: Are you a balanced size?

Don’t settle for a measurement taken. Be the measurement lived.
A preoccupation with measurements exists today. We want bigger houses and slimmer electronics. We cram lots of activities into small amounts of time. Women, in particular, strive for “perfectly balanced” body shapes like 36-24-36 or the like. Media and culture have shaped our views so that the external, with its numbers and measurements, drives the way we make decisions, and therefore, the results we get.

I would like to propose three numbers to you that will transform your life: 26, 12, 52. They will transform you vertically and horizontally. What is the relation between these seemingly disconnected numbers? They are part of a study that is steeped in the Truth of God’s Word, and, when lived, they can bring forth godly fruit that remains.

It so happens that 26 qualities of a balanced, healthy Christian can be found in the pragmatic, others-focused chapter of Romans 12. When these qualities are studied and practiced for two weeks at a time, that leads to 52 weeks (that’s a whole year!) of growing in practical truths that will transform your relationship with God (vertically) and man (horizontally).

Join us as we pull up the anchors of unbelief, mediocrity, complacency, fear, and more, and set sail on an ocean of life-changing and life-giving Truth lived out in community.


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